Fact: Your Daily Routine Can Increasing Your Discipline

The other day myself and my husband where watching darts. I know that it’s not the most likely thing for a girl like me but I have always liked Darts.  Put simply, I have always wondered how these unlikely athletes could drink pints, have stomach circumstances off the charts and be so precise with these mini’ javelins.  You would probably still need to have some sort of schedule for training vs. drinking pints, right? And would you use the same arm for throwing as you would for supping? All these questions:)

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I  suppose that Life is such a contradiction on some many levels and you may find that your days have become a contradiction of chaos because you have misplaced something that is required in leadership- discipline.   You know from your own experiences that applying disciple can free your mind to concentrate on the activities that really matter and will allow you the space and time to enjoy life rather than fighting against time, people, and more importantly how you feel.


Here is an audio to listen to when you can relax safely, free from any distractions or heavy machinery – in the knowledge that you can increase your discipline.

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