Here’s A Quickie To Be Less Busy; Be Less Stressed

Creating You-Time From The Busy Schedule

Are you always giving  yourself and your time to others?  You know to your team;your boss; your family but never to yourself.

Doesn’t it seem like the long and torturous voyage to make ends meet is always hectic. You are always striving  to achieve a lot within a required time, aren’t you?

If your goal and dream is excellence, it may not be the best idea to take on so many projects within a small timescale because you like being busy or feeling needed.

Bear in mind that taking some time off will help you more than you could every realise.It is called spending some quality time on you.

This is as important as  all your projects. In the end, you will be a relaxed, calm and have that stress free feeling. Above all, it becomes easier to be strong enough to face the next day. Consequently, it becomes a simple task to accomplish more whenthe mind is rested. If it becomes impossible to do this. in the end, life becomes miserable becuase -watch out Depression and stress will become your permanent friends.


Improper planning is what makes people lack time for to do the crucial but also important tasks.

Creativity and perseverance is necessary to have your you-time.

Here are some vital tips and strategies that will you help to create some more you-time:

  • Pencil yourself in. Yeah, yeah! I know but make free time – you time: make it a priority  A activity in your busy schedule. Free time should be made an important task in life.


  • When returning home from work, allocate some 15 free minutes for yourself. Everybody is always exhausted when coming from work. The situation becomes unbearable if the day in the office was hectic. Have some 15 minutes to recoup. If need be, be in a quite place away from family members. This is the right time to change , clear out and convert your mind to the home environment. This is espically imprtant if you work from home regualry. You can explain to your family members why these sudden changes of behavior less they will think you are going crazy.  One ofThe best ways is to get home and spend these 15 minutes in the bathroom. The good shower will relax and bring a fresh feel again.


  • Proper use of lunchtime break. I ccant tell you the amount of professionals i know who dont have a proper break.  Lunchtime is not only meant for taking lunch. It is meant for eating as well as taking some time to relax and reflect like taking a walk.


  • Enjoying a break while the kids nap. And For the new mothers out there, espically my friend joanne who has recently started materinty leave, it becomes had because of the kids. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it is impossible have some time for other important things. When the kids take a nap, it becomes easier to relax. For instance, it becomes easy complete your household chores as your kids sleep. There are also good learning games to jog the mind.


  • Sleeping early.  I know that youre thinking that would be great but its hardly practical.Going to bed early makes it easy to wake up the following day while fresh and ready for the day. Waking up early makes it possible to have some you-time before going to work. It accords the chance to enjoy breakfast without having to look at the watch. imamgine gaining 30 mintues a day, 2-3 hours a week by going to bed 30 minutes early each day. Ok i know that the math doesnt had up but I’m not taking about logic I’m taking about the qualtiy you time that you gain just becuase you get quality sleep ( so that when you are awake you can enjoy life more).


  •  Vacations.  Alright!!!  My favorite kind of time ( apart from sleeping that is)It is good to take a break – its as simple as that. This will create you time in abundance tto do the really important things. For instance, taking a trip to be in a different environment is exception. it will help you get back to work reenergized and strong.

As much as these steps may sound hard to accomplish, theyare easy and quick to adapt as long patience as exercised. Small steps eventuallymake it possible for all the larger steps. With time, it will become like your normal routine.

Regardless  of what everyone may say what they really believe is that You-time is paramount for everyone. It offers you the chance to enjoy the normal, good things that make life worth living.

What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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